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Kas’lam “My Hood”

The print depicts the different townships or hoods found in South African regions. The term Kas’lam means “My Hood” or “My Township.” It also serves as an educational print to those who do not really know much about those different regions, especially tourists. However, with this print we seek to create and promote pride in our customers about where they come from or the different towns they are residing in.


“The Hood is a working class area. It can be an urban ghetto or a suburb.” Urban Dictionary.

What makes a Hood?

This marks all the importance that we place on preserving our cultures and heritages. We believe the hood is where we have our best township moments. The Hood is the gathering of people e.g. the family sitting on the porch, girls playing hopscotch on the street, guys listening to music and practicing dance moves.

It is the view of the beautiful brown babies eating scoops of ice-cream.It is the sound of morning choirs on Sunday.It is the churches, the pillars in our communities for weddings, preaching of the word and for funerals.It is the pride and excitement the neighborhood has when one graduates, returns from the army or had a new born baby.It is the view of that one cousin who is always on the porch braiding somebody`s hair.It is that place where we were trained to have good manners.

To Tees & Gees, the Hood is that piece of culture, the one we are preserving, the one we ought to celebrate and find pride in.

“Be proud of where you come from”


Our ethnicity and cultures should be something we love, not hate. We all have stories to tell about our experiences in different townships and hoods. This is why we decided to create a print that allows our customers to celebrate their different hoods and townships.

Kas’lam Print Colors

 This print comes in different colors ranging from black, white, red, navy, grey etc.

Kas’lam Print Sizes

It has all sizes from XS-3XL for both males and females, including the kiddies from 2-12 years.

The print covers the following regions:

Cape Town


Eastern Cape

Free State


North West

Northern Cape

KwaZulu Natal

Gauteng Province


So why not carry your story and memories everywhere you go, priding yourself about where you came from, the Hood that you live in.

Be proud of your “Hood”.

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