Tulbagh Centre, 301 Hans Strijdom Ave, Cape Town City Centre

Why customers are interested in our brand?

We seek to promote Africa in a positive light. Our brand seeks to speak for Africans giving them a unique and fashionable brand to relay the message. Change is always happening around us. Fashion brands and trends are ever-changing. Most people will find themselves following fashion brands and trends blindly, just to create a fashionable and stylish look. However, classy is never meant to be boring and lifeless, so our brand gives a fashionable taste of style and giving our customers a feeling of pride from where they come from.

Proudly African

The brand is for Africans, proudly sewn to accommodate any race from the young to the old. Fashion is mostly meant to be fun, but all of this comes with creating a look that is sophisticated and seasoned with style.

Tees & Gees provides its customers with street clothing blended with a sophisticated style. We strongly believe that fashion and style is best described as                                                    

“You Are Where You Wear”…Mark Byrnes

Our brand seeks to express the art of African pride mainly through T-Shirts. These T-Shirts have also become an expression of urban pride. Our Kas`lam brand represents every province that we have in South Africa. It means “my hood”, communicating about the different provinces we stay in South Africa.

All-in-one Collection

We have fashionable items for every season. No one would go wrong with our T-shirts in the summer and spring seasons. The sun can be our not-so-favorite friend in summer that is why we provide our customers with the best African branded caps in different colors to match with every summer outfit.

We love our winters too because our customers get to walk around in our classic tailored sweaters and hoodies. These items have been tailored to suit every body shape and to give you enough space to put on your matching winter coats, jackets and boots to complete the outfit.

Design Elements

Our fashion style is designed in exquisite colors, shape, line, texture etc. Our colors bring out the best of our African style, blends together with every skin color. Our wide range covers the lighter shades mostly for kids and women, the darker shades for males. The design line seeks to incorporate and communicate to every African person in a classy and fashionable way. It is not enough to talk about fashionable outfits without talking about the texture of the material.

Our material is 100% cotton which means that you will get comfort, moisture control and durability all in one product. Summers are mostly voted for nice weather, but no one wants to walk around with sweaty armpits. So, we would say our material is absorbent and removes liquid from the skin, like a towel.


Our style is deemed timeless by most of our customers. You can never go wrong with an African brand in your wardrobe whether its in the 90s or 20th century. Africa will always be there, and Africans will always celebrate their origins and achievements. We define classic as a timeless look, beautiful simple cut from fine natural products. Our African branded style lasts for several seasons, not even going out of style. The good thing is that the classic side is accepted by a wide range of people.

Our classic brand will repeat itself year after year, never disappointing our customers. When shopping for your classic wardrobe as a customer, you usually look for high fashion and not bargains. Our customers enjoy shopping our products because they are not in any way related to bargains but a fusion of quality items posing as investments for every classic wardrobe.

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